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From Earth to the stars
Public concerné (Expos temp): For everyone over 6

12 October 2017 to 10 August 2018

What’s the daily life of an astronaut like Thomas Pesquet like in space? How are rockets and satellites launched into orbit?

This interactive exhibition offers curious visitors the chance to find out more about these men who get up close and personal with the stars on these satellites and rockets launched into space from Earth. Includes various fun and scientific activities to get involved in.

Three themed spaces:

Man in space 
Live the daily life of astronauts like Thomas Pesquet and find out all about manned space missions though real cult space objects.


From Soyuz to Ariane 5, discover the notable launchers of their time; an incredible voyage into the world of propulsion.


Learn all about the extraordinary capabilities of satellites, from design to being put into orbit. This themed space includes pieces of real satellites, a rocket engine and a model of a European Earth observation satellite.

The exhibition also includes fun hands-on activities held several times a day: “Scoop or saucer?” (age 7-12) and “Physics in space” (for everyone over 8).