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My visit to the Planetarium

What is there to see and do, and how do I get there? Here’s how to take full advantage of the Planetarium!


What is the Planetarium?

The Planetarium is a cultural facility dedicated to the discovery of astronomy, astrophysics and outer space.

What activities can I participate in at the Planetarium?

  • Sit in on astronomy sessions in the 152-seat conference room. Images are projected onto a 15-meter-wide dome screen, plunging you in a spectacular way right to the heart of astronomical phenomena.
  • Participate in lab sessions.
  • Visit the permanent exhibition: “History of the Universe – From the Big Bang to a Grain of Sand”, or the temporary exhibition.
  • Have a walk through the astronomical garden, and discover the observatory.

I can also…

  • Celebrate my birthday with an interstellar snack;
  • Rent space for a cocktail, a seminar or a meeting in an original setting;
  • Organize a Christmas party to thrill young and old.


How long will my visit last?

  • Astronomy sessions last an hour.
  • The temporary exhibition is open at all times, so you decide how much time you want to spend. Count on about 30 minutes (but this is only an average).
  • In a similar way, the permanent exhibition should take about an hour to cover.


Who can come with me to the Planetarium?

Friends and family, children and teens: everyone is welcome to attend astronomy sessions, exhibitions, lab sessions, courses designed for all types of audiences.

To give you an idea, ages levels are indicated for each activity on this website.

For safety reasons, we do not accept children under three for the astronomy sessions. Children under twelve must be accompanied by a parent.


How should I organize my visit to the Planetarium? Should I reserve?


  • Astronomy session + exhibitions + astronomical garden = VISITE COMPLETE (all inclusive)

Choose your session and purchase your ticket online beforehand. This option is not mandatory but is strongly recommended to guarantee you a seat (as an exception, visitors in a wheelchair and holders of Works Committee tickets, invitations, Chèques Vacances or Chèques Culture may reserve by phone).

Your ticket allows you to visit the exhibitions before or after the astronomy session (remember that the Planetarium closes its doors at 6 p.m. and that it is not possible to visit the exhibitions after the 5 p.m. session).


  • Exhibitions + astronomical garden (no astronomy session) = VISITE EXPOS

Open access to the current temporary exhibition and to the “History of the Universe” permanent exhibition.

Pay at the Planetarium on the day of your visit.


See the list of rates.


When should I arrive?

  • Those who have reserved by phone must arrive at least 30 minutes before the session starts.
  • Those who have purchased tickets on the Internet must arrive at least 15 minutes before the session starts.
  • For safety reasons, the room may not be entered once the session has started.
  • Seats are numbered.

Careful: if you are scheduled to attend the day’s final session, you must visit the exhibitions beforehand.

For example, on Sunday, the last session is at 5 p.m. but the exhibitions close at 6 p.m. You must therefore arrive around 3 or 4 p.m. to visit them.


How do I get to the Planetarium?

See the map and itinerary.

Place de la Nation
69120 Vaulx-en-Velin