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Public concerné (Expos temp): For everyone over 8


COVID-19: during summer 2020 only “all inclusive” tickets are available (astronomy session + exhibition). For more informations : consult this page


New temporary exhibit from 1 October 2019 to 9 August 2020

Production: Cité de l’espace de Toulouse, Cap Sciences



Throughout history, people have dreamed about the stars, moon, and planets of the night sky. These dreams nourished the imagination and fed literature, music, and cinema. They were the impetus behind space exploration, with Yuri Gagarin being the first to achieve the dream of leaving Earth.

Over time, humans walked on the Moon, discovered new worlds, and lived in space. But before these scientific and technical achievements, humans throughout history shared the same hopes and dreams of space exploration.



Relive the highlights of space exploration and the dreams that fuelled them by traveling back in time from the 60s to today:

Immerse yourself in displays featuring vintage objects, magazines, music and radio broadcasts
Participate in individual or group games on interactive tables 
– Discover how dreams of outer space have been expressed through science fiction and literature
Propose your dreams for the future: spend a vacation aboard a space station, pilot an flight to Pluto, or plant a garden on Mars!

Audience: adults, teenagers and children 8 years and up

Photos: E3 Agence