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History of the Universe – From the Big Bang to a Grain of Sand
Public concerné (Expos perm): For everyone over 8

How did the Earth originate? How did the Sun, the planets and living beings come into existence? Why is there such an extraordinary number of stars in our universe?


You’ll find some answers as you take an entertaining and interactive trip across our 900 square meters of permanent exhibition area, ranging from the origins of the universe to the appearance of life on our planet.The Big Bang and how it might have occurred, stars and galaxies, the solar system and the conquest of space will no longer be a mystery as you make an interactive discovery using the star factory and the Exploratorium or traveling toward the planets and visiting the cosmology forum.

An educational coordinator for science is on hand to answer your questions.
Every explanations are translated into English.


Exhibition curator: Daniel Kunth (Paris Institute of Astrophysics)

Scientific committee: Jean-Luc Beuzit (Grenoble Observatory of Universe Sciences), Pascal Allemand (University Lyon 1), Hélène Courtois (Lyon Institute of Nuclear Physics), Jean-François Gonzalez (Lyon Center for Astrophysical Research).

Staging and interactivity: Ame en Science

Scenography: Duck Scéno