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Building layout

  • Immersion room

The large screening room is at the heart of the facility and proposes astronomy sessions which are increasingly spectacular.

Crédit photo: ©Parc Astronomic of Montsec

  • Workshops

This is where visitors can put theory into practice in an entertaining and scientific setting.


This room holds eighty people and can be used for conferences, debates and seminars, as well as small dramatic presentations, related activities and scientific experiments.

  • Permanent exhibition: “History of the Universe – From the Big Bang to a Grain of Sand”

Organized over two levels, the exhibition covers 900 square meters and tells the story of how the universe has evolved since the Big Bang. Interactive and understandable by everyone, it presents the human adventures which have enabled major steps forward in discovering the cosmos.

Crédit photo: ©Studio Gaudin-Ramet

  • Temporary exhibitions

On 250 square meters of floor area, the temporary exhibition room presents scientific and technical displays on current topics, as well as the work of artists echoing these topics.

  • Picnic room (leisure area)

Able to hold eighty visitors, this new room has beverage and snack vending machines for lunch breaks or refreshment.

Crédit photo: ©Crédits _Pierre Le Chatelier_SF design_Soho architeches 2

  • Reception area and store

An attractive new reception area and a store featuring books and other items will allow you to continue enjoying the Planetarium experience at home.

Crédit photo: ©Studio Gaudin Ramet

  • Astronomical garden & Observatory

Welcome to the garden, a land of adventures and unknowns. Explore different natural environments: mineral or organic, wet or dry. Wander around at will, but all the garden paths converge at the footbridge to the Observatory, the magical meeting place of Earth and the Heavens. Gaze upon the universe. Like life upon Earth, the world of the stars is infinitely rich.

Crédit photo: ©Thierry Chassepoux